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Some people claim that video poker is just like playing slots – you click to spin (deal) and the machine randomly delivers the 'icons' in the form of playing cards. Then – you get the chance to hold some of the cards (similarly to holding slot icons), before re-drawing for a second time. However, while you can rely on slot style click and go luck as you would with slot games, video poker can be played with specific analytical skill – making it a completely different concept to the purely luck based slot gaming environment.

In essence, video poker cards are like real draw poker cards. Therefore, by knowing which cards have been drawn with your first hand, it's statistically possible to predict what's left in the pack, and what your chances of forming specific combos are. Unlike slot games – once a card has been picked, it can't be drawn again! Fortunately, there's no need to be a mathematical genius to make sense of video poker skill – you simply need a little dedication to grasp a basic strategy chart, and make your moves by cross-referencing your hand with the card. Each specific video poker genre (such as jacks or better and deuces wild) requires a specific strategy, while you can get your hands on systems designed for beginners or hardcore pro's. Take a peek at the basic jacks or better video poker chart below………….

> If you 1st combo is a paying hand, keep unless it happens to offer four cards to a Royal Flush
> If you hand is non-paying, consult the scores below and keep the highest scoring hand. Discard and re-draw if you don't have any of the combinations……

>Any 4-cards to a Straight Flush
>Any 4-cards to a Flush
>Any 3-cards to a Royal Flush
>Any low pair (10’s or below)
>Any 2 high cards of like-suit
>Any 3 cards to a Straight Flush
>Any 4-card consecutive Straight
>Any single high card
>Jack, Queen and King of non-like suit
>Any 2 high cards of non-matching suit
>Jack, Queen or King with a 10 of like-suit

Applying basic video poker strategy can be enough to boost your game-time and minimise the casino's edge to reasonable levels. However, the more skilled you become, the better the potential results. Hardcore video poker skill players have the power to beat the machines at will, for sustained long-term profits.

Staking and budgeting with video poker strategy

Video poker can be intrinsically and monetarily rewarding. However, despite its skill responsiveness, the game can still deliver volatile runs of good and bad luck. It's therefore advisable to game with a small leisure budget – and only raise your stakes and aspirations on the back of your gaming success. What's more, if you want to benefit from the power of strategic video poker, use a level staking philosophy, rather than random stake levels.

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